How to Stay Safe With Your Sporting Shotgun

Shotguns can be dangerous in any context especially in the sporting arena where people have dropped their guard and thrown caution to the wind. Most accidents in the US involving shotguns come from negligent actions that are preventable. Below are some guidelines you can apply to stay safe with your shotgun whether at home or in action.

Treat You Sporting Shotgun Like It’s Always Loaded

First, treat it as if it were always loaded. This way you will not make jokes and there will not be a chance for accidents. Do not be point the gun in any direction either to yourself or to a friend. Treat it as though it is loaded Make sure you wear your protection for the eyes and ears when in action. This will keep any debris off your eyes thus enhancing your experience. It is wise not to attempt to place your finger into the trigger position unless you are ready to fire. If you are not firing, keep the barrel aimed up or down to the ground. Always remember the shotgun is not just a toy but a powerful tool.

Firing Your Sporting Shotgun

When ready to fire, place the gun on your shoulder. It must be firmly supported with the butt lying on your shoulder to dispel any kick on firing effect. Your posture must always respect the dangerous tool you are holding. Your feet should be at least 75 cm apart and you must bend a little to lower your center of gravity. In the same breath, do not shoot straight ahead. Always turn about 40 degrees from your target, to keep you stable.

In addition, never should your fingers be on the trigger unless you are actually firing. Place them always on the stock to support the gun as well as restrain the rest of the fingers from firing accidental shots. Finally, be careful what you are shooting. Usually, shotguns are best for moving targets like birds or game. For learners, ,make sure your first shots are fired in a rural or game setting, thus steering clear of any resulting damage that may come from any acts of negligence.

Considering the Range

According to what you wish to shoot, make sure you consider the range of the gun you end up purchasing. The shotgun must be quality, with approved ammunition such as the 30 06 ammo. Most guns have a range of up to 300 meters which may be dangerous for beginners. Look for something mild then go for more powerful power with experience. At the end of the day, what will really count is the amount of fun you manage to squeeze in between all those precautions. Whatever you do, make these safety concerns second nature and make the best of every opportunity to be happy.


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